Trauma Consultants

First Day in Xen'Drik
Upon arrival...


With the airship moored at the Falconer’s Spire in Stormreach the group left the airship into the care of captain Delen and left to settle business with House Kundarak. Arguin, who had been to Stormreach before quickly led the way to the House K enclave within the Silverwall district. They brought the House K cargo to the “loading dock” where they were greeted by a friendly dwarf named Corrdeck. He oversaw the intake of the items and removed a small wooden box from one of the crates. He led the group into the enclave to be thanked formally by Korbek Ghedin, the dwarf-in-charge of House K operations in Stormreach. Corrdeck gave Korbek the small wooden box and Korbek thanked the group for their assistance.

After meeting with Korbek, Corrdeck left with the group where upon closer look they noticed Corrdeck had some nasty bruising on his face that appeared to have been covered up somewhat with make-up. He hesitated to speak much of it but upon further prodding he confided in the companions that he had been assaulted by a captain of the House Deneith mercenaries and a few of his men. In Stormreach the relationships between the dragonmarked houses are more tenuous than on the main continent of Khorvaire, often leading to violence that is quickly swept under the rug due to politics. Upon Arguin’s request Corrdeck provided a description of the Deneith captain and where he liked to drink after hours at the Anvilfire Inn in the Forgelight district. The group hinted that they may visit the captain later that night but first needed to track down their potential guide Tyrion at his tavern.

After paying some street kids for directions they found Tyrion’s tavern, The Sahuagin’s Tooth, in the Summerfield ward. Inside they found a drow female named Nasanna behind the counter who informed them that Tyrion had left 10 days ago with another group as their guide, a female half-elf, a female half-orc, a male goblin, and others she did not meet. After some conversation they discovered that they had not been the only group in seeking a guide recently. Aside from the group that had hired Tyrion there had recently been a group of warforged had been looking to recruit some of the warforged in town and hire a guide before heading south. Knowing that one of the items they were down here to seek out had to do with warforged this piqued their curiosity. She pointed them to the Rusty Nail tavern where the warforged in town socialize if they were looking for more information.

The companions left for the Rusty Nail where they met with Steeljack, the leader of the city’s elite warforged guard the Iron Watch. He informed the group that the warforged who traveled through town were disciples of the Lord of Blades and were looking to recruit some of the city’s warforged before heading south. They were promptly booted out of town by Steeljack and his men. Steeljack told the group that the disciples had mentioned that they were looking for information on docents (a rare warforged component found in Xen’drik) as well but didn’t offer much more beyond that.

Finding this to be their most promising lead the group head back to Nasanna and hired her to lead them south into the jungle in pursuit of the warforged group. They were to meet her in the morning to discuss travel arrangements.

On their way back to their airship for the night the group head to the Anvilfire Inn to see if the captain was there. Sure enough he was, and rather liquored up and with a large group of House D mercenaries. They found a place at the bar and discussed how to get him alone. While they talked strategy the captain saw Lars and bought her a drink. Soon after he approached her while his friend attempted to distract the rest of the group. When he started flirting with her Lars got an idea and recommended to him that they should go outside for privacy. She led him outside and to an alley behind the bar while Arguin snuck outside and hung to the shadows watching them. Sven and Asbeel stayed in the tavern to distract the other mercenaries, challenging them to a drinking contest then telling the inebriated friend of the captain that the burly blacksmith across the bar had insulted his family inciting a brawl before they snuck out. Lars managed to get the captain to remove his armor and distracted him long enough for Arguin to sneak up behind him and punch him in the kidney. Lars then grabbed the captain’s cloak with his House D insignia and ran off towards an elderly couple who were just closing up their shop for the night. She told them she had just been attacked and the old couple hollered for the guards.

Acting quickly before the guards arrived Sven launched himself of Arguin’s back and into the captain, knocking him out cold. With the captain’s sword in hand, Arguin promptly pissed all over the captain’s face and they left quickly into the night…


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